Frula Show is made up of five professional musicians with a lot of experience, who all started their careers back in the Old country, and had been playing together for a loooooooong time.

Frula Show is the most acclaimed Serbian show band in the US, that has sung and played before presidents, prime-ministers, princes and princesses, as well as cab drivers and construction workers, throughout the United States and Canada. We had performed for all kinds of crowds: Serbian, Greek, Russian, Georgian (as in Tbilisi, Georgia, but also Atlanta, GA...), French (original and Canadian), Romanian, Chinese (!), American, and every possible combination of the above. What these folks had in common was their desire to sing and dance all night.


Loves to Sing Loud


Zlatko was born in 1959. He has been a member of the world famous dance ensemble 'Frula', with which he toured the United States for several years, before settling in New York. Since then, Zlaja has been an invaluable asset to the 'Frula Show' band, with his excellent vocal, entertaining and dancing skills. He currently lives in Baltimore, MD and is a proud father of two children, Stefan and Sofija.


We are proud to have Cale as our guest member


One of the most prominent and recognised performers in Serbia today, Cale has a long and successful career as accordion virtuoso, composer, lyricist, arranger and producer in Serbian folk music. He has performed and recorded with virtually every top star in Serbia and with many of them has traveled around the world.




Beginning his musical career in his teens, Nesha has been actively working with many popular musicians and singers in Serbia as saxophonist, clarinettist, as well as arranger and producer. He has made numerous recordings with many renowned bands and singers in Serbia. Since 1990, as one of the founding members of Frula Show band, he has been entertaining crowds across the eastern United States.




Malisa has been professionally involved in music for over twenty years. Since his teens, he and his brother, Nesha, have performed together, as well as with many popular Serbian musicians and singers. His career includes many recordings as a keyboard player, pianist, as well as arranger and producer for several top recording artists in Serbia. Since 1994, he has been a permanent member of Frula Show as keyboard player.


Since 1994


Srdjan was born in 1962. He spent his childhood as well as most of his youth in a Serbian town of Arandjelovac, where he started his musical career as a long time member of 'Abrasevic'. After moving to Belgrade, he joined 'Gradimir', where he played drums until he left Belgrade for New York. Srdjan has been with Frula Show since 1994 and is liked by both his band mates as well as the audiences, for his talent, skill and great personality.


The frula is a small wooden flute with six holes.In the Balkans, the frula was played by shepherds while tending their flocks. It is a traditional instrument of Serbia,


We are currently in retirement

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